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Proven CFOs helping digital agencies become permanently profitable.

What we do

We drive profitability for your agency.

As your CFO, our mission is to ensure your agency has every opportunity to grow and profit.
Our service and process
Assess your starting point and goals.
Create and manage structure and systems.
Define, measure, and analyze key metrics.
Set strategic goals with actionable plans.
Who we are

We’re former digital agency owners who know the unique challenges you face.

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Industries we serve

Our decade of work with digital agencies means we have industry-specific insight to your inform your financial strategy.

Web Agencies
Site design / development
User experience
Marketing Agencies
Search engine optimization
Social media management
Professional Services
Consulting / coaching
Public relations
A Profit First Model

Profit First is the habits-friendly program of cash flow management informing the work we do. As Profit First Professionals, we transform stale formulas into actionable strategies that position you for permanent profitability.

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Resources and Tools

L/CFO is fluent in your platforms. We help fine-tune them for better results.

You don’t have to take our word for it.
Ask around.

L/CFO has given us greater visibility into the short and long-term financial health of our agency. More than just organized bookkeeping and reporting, they are providing us with experience-based insight and actionable plans to increase our profits.

Marc Debiak
Founder, Paper Tiger

Partnering with L/CFO gave our agency an entirely new line of sight into the financial health and success of our organization. We're now empowered to set better goals and achieve them. It's more than accounting, it's strategy and peace of mind.

Josh Moran
Founder, Vital Storm

Bri & the team at L/CFO have really helped me see the big picture, getting out of working "in" the business, so that I can work "on" the business. Super grateful to have a team that feels like an in-house finance department.

Jordan Rothstein
President, King Tide

Partnering with L/CFO means that our financial to-dos are checked off by the capable, confident, and fun finance rockstars on their communicative team. We're thankful.

Savannah Veth
Operations, Veth Group

L/CFO quickly identified our branding agency’s financial opportunities and challenges, then addressed them with actionable, well-explained solutions. Their commitment, accessibility, and positive attitude in helping to guide our business forward — both with day-to-day and long-term strategic goals — has been invaluable.

Charles Squire
Founder, Mutiny
Our Services

We automate busywork and spend focused time on maximizing profits.

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Who We Are

We have a knack for making complex finance concepts easy to understand.

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