Who We Are

L/CFO is a team of finance professionals with agency experience. We apply leading industry insight to your overall business goals.

We work alongside you to ensure the small details don’t tank the big picture.

Our Values & Practices

A human-centric approach to client relationships anchors our work.

Extreme Ownership

Your money, your team, your clients, your mission: they all have powerful meaning to us. We treat every scenario like it’s our own because, behind our cool exteriors, we care deeply about service to others. If we wouldn’t employ a practice within our organization or our own lives, we won’t enlist it in yours.

Direct = Respect

Clarity fosters lots of relationship benefits, not the least of which is mutual respect. It's an operational kindness we employ in all our interactions. Ditching jargon and pretense in favor of direct, respectful communication and equitable resolution lends to fruitful progress for everybody involved.

Ever Better

There’s no one path to the exact right thing, so we ask questions and seek improvement. Next week’s work might call for different answers than this week’s. If something makes for better business, L/CFO is on the lookout for that opportunity. In short, we don’t seek to be right but to get it right.

The L/CFO Story

We know the feeling of building something great only to be overwhelmed by “What’s next?”

Brianna Bond founded L/CFO (formerly Ledger) in 2011 after various turns as a business owner. As a self-made entrepreneur, Bri understood firsthand the need for bold finance management for service-based businesses.

Under her leadership, the L/CFO team works alongside you to teach the liberating arts of structuring goals and training your money to perform. Bri’s knack for listening to the numbers, business building, and collaborative process help make room for professional and personal freedoms around your business.

“Aiding and abetting wild success — professional and personal — is intrinsic to who we are and what we do."

Brianna Bond
Principal and Founder, L/CFO
Our Services

We automate busywork and spend focused time on maximizing profits.

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