What We Do

L/CFO specializes in profit guidance and cash management with your ideal outcomes in mind.

What We Offer

Let us equip you and your team to experience financial growth.

Holistic Strategy
Your business has many parts, and we factor in each of them when designing strategies that move you closer to your goals. Emerge from every collaborative planning session with a roadmap and unambiguous, actionable steps.
Finance Operations
Processing payroll, shipping invoices, and paying bills is critical stuff. Skilled L/CFO operatives seamlessly integrate with your team and systems, deftly handling all finance functions.
Profitablility Analysis
Regular review and subsequent fine-tuning produce results. We'll analyze your profit position in recurring meetings that cover payables and receivables, best practices, cash reserves, and industry benchmarking.
Cash Flow Management
Your dollars do their best work when given a clear mission. L/CFO uses tried-and-true technology, budgeting, and forecasting processes to craft rules for your revenue, so your money knows when and how to function.
Finance Systems Design
Best tools equal best results. We scrutinize your current platforms for data and security holes, run cost-benefit analyses, and structure finance systems and processes that drive your agency forward.
Tax Plans & Compliance
L/CFO has a comprehensive approach to minimizing your tax liability. We stay on top of new policy, keeping you informed and prepared year-round so that tax season isn’t overwhelming.
What to Expect

L/CFO empowers you to do the learning and take the necessary steps to level up financially.

We’ll work together to uncover the information you need, extract knowledge from the numbers, and identify the best path to applying all this for your success … whatever that looks like to you.

Extreme Ownership

Your money, your team, your clients, your mission: they all have powerful meaning to us. We treat every scenario like it’s our own because, behind our cool exteriors, we care deeply about service to others. If we wouldn’t employ a practice within our company or our own lives, we won’t ask you to.


Blueprint Workup

Next, we define what success means for you and create the blueprint to get you there. We’ll outline the specific goals of your business and determine what metrics need tracking along the way. Additionally, we’ll outline frameworks for prudent cash reserves, tax planning, budget, and other scenarios.


Profit Dashboard

Now we build out a dashboard for goal traction and financial health.This dashboard serves as your profit roadmap; as we move forward we’ll survey where you stand against the blueprint, charting where you need to go next. We’ll work together to make sure your agency’s financial footing remains firm.

Profit First For Agencies
We built a community of business owners and L/CFO Profit First Professionals. It’s a fun, free resource for learning how to turn your business into a money-soaked machine.
Our Clients

We provide focused guidance to some of the best in the business.

Quantitative Impact

L/CFO specializes in close, collaborative working relationships and offers unparalleled access to our lineup of profit professionals.



Long-Term Client Loyalty
Our percentage of partnerships lasting five years or more says it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does working with L/CFO look like?
What does working with L/CFO look like?

Your dedicated Finance Team is accessible via Slack and email, ready to answer any critical questions or talk about Coach Beard’s best lines from the most recent Ted Lasso season.

Is your model for client service reactive or proactive?
Is your model for client service reactive or proactive?

We firmly believe that it's all about looking forward. Historical data is great... when it's the basis for a future-focused, proactive approach towards analysis and strategy.

Who We Are

We are a people-first, payday-second business partner.

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Profit First

We use Profit First principles to maximize your profits.

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