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We are Profit First Professionals on a mission to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty.

What is Profit First?

In short, Profit First utilizes your baked-in habits to turn the traditional way of managing cash and profits on its head. This system for cash flow management transforms dated formulae into clear, manageable money strategy for business owners.
L/CFO is one of a select few firms worldwide to hold a Profit First Advanced certification.

Sales – Profit = Expenses

This formula is the basis of Profit First: business owners allocate money first to profit, then use the remainder for expenses. This is counter to the traditional model of “Sales – Expenses = Profit.” In fact, this formula switch-up turns our natural human behaviors into an effective way of handling money, and discards the less beneficial accounting standard.

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How your Profit First Professional can help:

Find the ways you bleed money.
Assess your goals holistically.
Expertly manage cash flow.
Drive profitability in your business.
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